Inrecent 3 years, XFU students have won 423 honors, titles and awards, among which they are 135 national awards, 176awards of northwest contest area and 112 provincial awards respectively.

Each award represents an accomplishmentby XFU students, faculty and alumni in research, teaching, and creativeperformance; the collection of these awards proves XFU is a top privateuniversity in China.

·AsianStudents Photography Exhibition

·“CCTVCup” English Speaking Contest

·CCTVStar of Outlook English Talent Competition Cross-Strait University BusinessExhibit Contest

·ChinaUniversity Business Challenge

·EliteInterpreting Contest

·“FLTRPCup” National English Debating Competition

·(China) Global Brand Planning Seeding Competition

·InternationalFurniture Design Contest

·NationalE-Commerce “Innovation, Creation, Entrepreneurship” Challenge Competition forCollege Students

·NationalEnglish Competition for College Students

·NationalInterpreting Contest

·NationalTranslation Image Ambassador Contest

·The“21st Century Coca-Cola Cup” English Speaking Contest

·“InternationalTrade Cup” Foreign Trade Skill Contest

·Voicesof the Future (CHINA APEC)