The university offers students andfaculty members a variety of international exchange opportunities through bilateralexchange programs or international programs. Our mission is to:

·Offerstudents unparalleled opportunities to expand and enrich their education;

·Implementcollaborations with international partners for education offers, facultyexchanges, joint researches and others;

·Promoteeducation abroad, international exchange activities and other academicprograms.

Xi’anFanyi University has exchange programs with more than a dozen of universitiesaround the world. Some exchanges are ranked among the prestigious in the world,granting students access to unique opportunities. The current offerings are:

·JointResearch Program

·3+2Bachelor’s Degree Program

·3+1Dual Bachelor’s Degree Program

·3+1+2Master’s Degree Program

·Short-termExchange Program

·StudentExchange Program

Facts& Figures

·1000+XFU students study abroad and earn their master’s degree;

·1200+XFU students participate in the short-term exchange and the paid internship;

·200+international students study at Xi’an Fanyi University;

·600+staff from foreign-funded companies undertake vocational education andtraining;

·100+XFU faculty participate in international exchange;

InternationalExchange Activities

Facultyand Students can acquire new ideas and new friends by participating in differentinternational activities. Activities include:

·Internationalacademic conferences and forums

·Internationalacademic lectures

·HungarianCulture and Art Festival

·Hungariancenter activities